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Since 1996 expert in administration and management for companies with domicile in the Netherlands.

We support amongst others businesses in finance, real estate, energy, industry, medical and the agro sector.

International companies, stock market listed or privately held and enterpreneurial driven are a loyal base of our client group who have outsourced to us corporate matters.

Investment groups rely on our service to act as administrator in joint ventures.

Also for Fortune 500, Fortune Global 500, Forbes 500 and Forbes Global 2000 corporations we aim to deliver a costs effective solution in our role of corporate secretary for their entities in The Netherlands. It is important to have a specialized service provider with knowledge of U.S. taxation and legislation.

A wide range of legal corporate services is available for structured and corporate headquarters located in the Netherlands, such as (co)management, corporate secretarial and financial administration.

Global referrals are amongst others provided through our professional networks ILAS and Euro Defi

Trust Company Amsterdam B.V. operates under full license issued by the Dutch National Bank (DNB), which includes periodical audits to assess procedures and filings.

Registration number Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam 33276574

General conditions apply to our services.

We have a procedure in place if a complaint about our services would need te be handled.

Website updated: 14 December 2017

  • Meet us

    Management board:

    Robert van Lier LL.M, executive director

    Drs. Robert van der Velden , executive director

    Legal and compliance:

    Arielle Iteriteka LL.M, senior legal trust officer

    Frank van der Meulen, compliance officer

    Accounting & finance:

    Drs. Simon de Witte, senior account manager finance

    Rinus Gul, account manager finance

    Trust Company Amsterdam B.V.
    Orlyplein 10, Crystal Tower, 21st floor
    1043 DP Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Telephone : +3120 386 86 22
    Fax : +3120 203 11 96
    Email: management@trustamsterdam.nl